The festival

What is INTERACTIVE Festival about?

INTERACTIVE Festival is all about trends and ideas in the digital sphere, their potential as well as their potential consequences. How is digital technology going to change our lives? Does it make things simpler or more complicated? What effects does it have on business? On politics? On everbody? These are just some of the many questions discussed and made accessible at INTERACTIVE: In talks and workshops, at hackathons and parties.

Who is INTERACTIVE Festival for?

INTERACTIVE festival is aimed at everbody who is part of the creative and/or digital industry, but also at regular users and citizens trying to make sense of digital transformation and disruption.

How did the idea for INTERACTIVE emerge and how long has the the festival been around?

The idea to create INTERACTIVE festival (back then: INTERACTIVE Cologne) emerged in 2012/2013, when a number of local creatives, movers, and shakers realized that Cologne had great potential as a digital city, but no decent platform or event to showcase it. The first festival took place over the course of one week in June 2013 and established a formidable event mix at all kinds of venues.

Who organizes INTERACTIVE festival?

INTERACTIVE festival is organized by Interactive Cologne GmbH, a joint venture of internet economy network Web de Cologne and cologne on pop GmbH, the company behind c/o pop festival and c/o pop convention


The INTERACTIVE Festival in numbers

2013: 3.000 visitors | 28 events | 70 speakers & contributors
2014: 3.500 visitors | 35 events | 100 speakers & contributors
2015: 4.000 visitors | 40 events | 150 speakers & contributors

The team

Norbert Oberhaus


Joachim Vranken


Stephan Johland


Matthias Budden


Ralph Christoph


Alexander Plaum

Program Assistance & Project Coordination

Stephanie Berg

Project Coordination

Ana Lukenda